I must be weak if I have Anxiety

I have welcomed new clients this week here at Evolve and it struck me that several of them said the same thing. “I must be weak as I am always feeling anxious.” or “I am stupid and ridiculous.”

Lets stop that right there! No one has a perfect life without some form of stress or Anxiety. Each one of us can be affected by work issues, relationship issues, grief, the cost of living! The list can be endless.

We are beginning to be more open and talk about things like anxiety and depression but there is still along way to go. Awareness is not the same as knowing how to take action.

A good place to start (in my opinion) is to understand how the brain works. Don’t panic you do not need a degree in neuroscience! Having a basic understanding which I cover in my complimentary consultation appointment can often be the light bulb moment of reassurance that a client needs.

Understanding where those feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness and hopelessness come from can make a big difference in how you think about yourself.

Ultimately you are not weak or stupid! You may of just been trying to cope for to long on your own without help, support and understanding.

“We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn.”


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